Graphic showing some of the Forrit benefits for procurement including cost savings, supplier consolidation and transparent billing.

Forrit for Procurement

Invest in a future-proof platform to manage your digital estate more efficiently and effectively.

Procurement Benefits

Supplier consolidation

With fully integrated Azure intelligent cloud services, Forrit allows easy consolidation of multiple software services into a single platform with trackable usage-based spend.

Significant cost savings

Forrit helps deliver significant savings on your website set-up and running costs. Typical areas of saving include: DevOps/Developer resources, hosting, infrastructure and third-party software costs.

Transparent billing

With Forrit, spend is consolidated in a clear, transparent model. Segmental platform subscription and Azure cost reporting allows you to split costs by P&L, geography, department or project, making it easy to understand and assess the returns on investment.

Pay-as-you-go commercial model

Forrit’s flexible commercial model ensures you only pay for what you need. Platform subscription costs vary by month according to actual usage, in the same way that Azure resources are consumption based, giving optimal spending control.

Future-proof technology

Forrit is regularly updated to benefit from constantly evolving Azure tools and services, allowing you to fully leverage the latest cloud technology.

Proof of concept

With Forrit, complete a targeted and isolated proof of concept, without the need for lengthy and expensive deployment of a full traditional CMS. See the results of using Forrit for yourself before you commit.


Save time and money

Forrit enhances efficiency in building and migrating websites allowing for a much faster time to market compared to typical enterprise CMS systems.