Enterprise grade security

Forrit maximizes the security of websites by combining its headless architecture with Azure's market-leading security features.

Security Benefits

Enterprise grade security

Forrit leverages enterprise grade security in Azure cloud services. Azure's market-leading security and compliance credentials are trusted by the world's biggest brands.

Secure run-time environments

With Forrit, the Marketing Portal and run-time/consumer apps are isolated from each other, providing an 'airlock' between the environments. This allows the environments to be scaled independently and increases the security of your webpages.

Maintain control

Forrit uses Azure Active Directory to drive workflow and approval processes. Configurable role-based access control restricts access according to your compliance needs, regardless of complexity.

Traceability of changes

Changesets allow you to monitor and approve all proposed changes to your websites. All changes can be viewed, segmented by user and all changeset data is stored, giving a clear audit trail.

Business continuity

As a cloud-native PaaS, Forrit operates wholly within the Azure cloud. This means that all elements of your web estate are entirely independent of your on-premise infrastructure and are accessible and operable remotely.

Consolidated web estate

View the performance of all your websites in a single interface. The Forrit Service Delivery Hub allows poorly performing sites to be quickly identified and repaired in minutes.


Security overview

Forrit provides a secure foundation for your digital experiences

Identity & asset management Azure AD multifactor authentication Centralized identity management Monitoring and reporting
Data protection ISO 27001 compliant datacenters Encryption in transit Encryption at rest
Network security Application gateway (WAF) DDoS protection standards Network isolation
Platform Decoupled environments Penetration tests Automated backups
Secure development Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Code security Quality assurance (QA)


A screenshot of the Forrit Release Manager in action.

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