Service Delivery Hub

Our Service Delivery Hub helps you provision optimal environments that ensure the best user experience.

Key features

Automated configuration

Build an environment from scratch in minutes, not hours.

Access control

Customisable access control configured to your Azure Active Directory.

Templated Environments

Build consistent and templated environments to support your digital estate.

Azure integration

Access the latest cloud technology and leverage the benefits of Azure CDNs.

Automated configuration.

Build an environment from scratch in minutes, not hours. Scripted configuration of Azure’s industry-leading tools, services and infrastructure gives you everything you need to run your global digital estate.

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Screenshot showcasing Forrits Service Delivery Hug creating new instances.

Customisable access control.

Access control is configured to your Azure AD and restricted according to compliance needs. Create a full audit trail with rollback options to reduce risk – a key PRA requirement.

Scale environments independently.

Decoupled editing and run-time environments create unrivalled flexibility within your global estates. Leverage the full benefits of Azure CDNs, giving your customers the fastest performance and best experience possible – wherever they are in the world.

Consistent environment creation and maintenance

With Forrit’s Service Delivery Hub, you can build and maintain templated environments across your entire digital estate.

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Ongoing measurement and analysis.

Our integrated dashboard includes a suite of measurement and analytical tools that give a range of technical insights about the CMS and various environments.

Full integration with Microsoft Azure.

We’re closely aligned with Microsoft Azure Architects; giving you access to the latest cloud technology. Maximise performance by choosing which Azure data centres around the world you want to deploy to.

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