Content Marketing and the CMS: Challenges and Solutions

February 2024

It goes without saying, choosing the right content management system is vital. The CMS your team works with will directly impact your content marketers’ efforts, the experience users have on your website and your time-to-market.

No one wants to have their marketers wait on developers to get updates and new pages live. That's why opting for a low code, user-friendly UI CMS is the best option… meaning every team member, with tech knowledge or not, can update content as and when necessary.

From having SEO options built-in, utilising AI for better content asset management to having real-time content updating in live view, there’s everything your marketers need, in the Forrit One Content Management System. Read on to find out how Forrit can solve your content issues.

‘My content team has to wait on developers to get content updated through our current CMS’

Tired of being reliant on your developers to get content updated or published? Is slow content go-live at the top of your marketers’ ‘blocker’ list? 

You’re not alone - Forrit spoke with 250+ heads of marketing, and found that 35% had concerns around delays when uploading their content. 

If your slow content uploads are due to inefficient workflow, involving a reliance on developers to get content live, then your CMS is making your marketers’ jobs more difficult than they need to be. That’s why a low code web estate management tool is invaluable, as all team members are able to use it and make changes as and when needed. A win for your marketers and IT team alike!

From making cross-team collaboration more efficient and saving your marketers precious time, to getting new content out to your customers quicker, there’s no end to the benefits of having a user-friendly UI content management system.

What do content marketers need from a CMS?

Great content is the foundation of any great marketing campaign, so your content management system needs to provide your marketers with the tools they need to create, update and publish the best of what they have to offer. 

Forrit’s report on senior marketers’ CMS concerns, found that the top three capabilities demanded of a content management system were: ease of use (47%), compliance-driven content to ensure accuracy (42%) and the ability to enforce brand guidelines (38%).

In-line with these essential functions required from a CMS, are the features the system offers which allow these needs to be met. For instance, features such as real-time editing options, easily searchable media libraries and built-in localisation tools and a user-friendly UI, allow for faster, branding-accurate, regulatory-compliant content updates.

Your website is your shop window, so facilitating quick and easy content updates and the efficient creation of branding-adherent landing pages should be top priorities. So too should utilising any tools to help get customers looking at your ‘shop’ (via SEO) as possible.

Tools such as real-time content editing options, which Forrit One CMS has - allowing for auto-saves, multiple editors in the same task, are indispensable to a content team. As are easily searchable media libraries and auto asset tagging, which save marketers time and allow them to build the pages they envisioned, in line with brand guidelines. 

Ever-important are the words used by a brand, whether to communicate their offering in a culturally-relevant, engaging way to customers in other countries or are being used to boost search rankings through SEO. Having the ability to do both of these things within the CMS will save your marketers endless amounts of time.

How can I make use of AI to create and publish high-quality content, through my CMS?

AI is everywhere… and being used more and more by marketers for a number of tasks. 

Your first thought on the topic of AI and content might be image or text generating tools, but AI-driven technologies can help with the content creation and publication process in more subtle ways too. 

Choosing a scalable CMS which utilises AI technologies is vital in keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. Forrit One, Forrit’s Azure-Native content management system does just that. From AI-powered asset tagging, to AI translation tools, Forrit One helps marketers speed up the content creation process no end.

Through utilising Azure Cloud Services AI technologies, Forrit One users have an ever-expanding library of tools to make great use of.

What features should I look for in my next CMS, with content in mind?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a new content management system, and it is very much dependent on what the focus of your marketing strategy is looking to be for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, however, choosing an easily-scalable CMS with highly-customisable configuration is important, as strategies and objectives shift, and your investment should be futureproofed.

Knowing there are a vast range of potential necessary (but costly) marketing tools and add-ons, from a content perspective, look for a system which has a lot of this functionality built-in. Not only will this have subsequent cost savings but also make content marketers’ processes more efficient.

Built-in translation or localisation capabilities should be central to your search, as this is usually a resource-heavy undertaking, as well as finding a low code solution, so that your marketers don’t have to rely on or wait on developers to get content live.

Ticking both boxes, Forrit One CMS is a low code web estate management system, requiring little technical expertise, allowing all team members to easily use the CMS and make changes or build new landing pages. Forrit One also utilises Microsoft Azure AI technologies to automatically translate your content within your CMS. 

How does Forrit One CMS help your marketers streamline their content efforts?

Forrit One was created to simplify and accommodate efficient cross-team collaboration, allowing marketing and IT to work together without friction. Through the use of Forrit’s Service Delivery Hub configuration tool, the CMS can be set-up with everything your marketers need, this coupled with its user-friendly UI means no more reliance on developers.

Able to streamline their workflows through real-time content updates and multiple project editors being able to work on the same task, collaborating has never been simpler. Through this efficient collaboration, as well as improved asset management via use of AI tagging, your content team can deploy quality content, in less time.

Helping bring localisation in-house and allowing for the quick creation of branding-adherent landing pages, through the use of easily customisable content blocks, within a tech-free builder, web estate management is fully in your marketers' hands.

Find out more about Forrit One CMS features.

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