Service Delivery Hub

Forrit’s content management system configuration tool, Service Delivery Hub, helps you set up optimal environments, allowing for the very best user experience.

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Speed of deployment

Service Delivery Hub can create a CMS instance in just 15 minutes. This swift, tailored-to-you infrastructure creation, enables you to quickly optimise your CMS for your teams' needs, delivering peak operational efficiency. Like Forrit’s content management system, Forrit One, Service Delivery Hub was created to make cross-department collaboration simple. IT provision an optimal user-friendly environment, in which Marketing can build and edit the pages as and when required, without needing to request changes from IT. No long lead times for new or updated projects and no reliance on devs or Azure specialists. Win win.

No need for Azure fluency

Nervous when it comes to content management system configuration? Forrit’s Service Delivery Hub requires little-to-no previous experience or knowledge of the workings of CMS architecture. Nor does it require a whole team of Microsoft Azure Specialists to run said architecture… How is this possible? Service Delivery Hub configures the separate resources automatically, utilising Azure’s industry-leading tools, services and infrastructure are templated for swift and secure CMS set-up. Giving you everything you need for seamless global estate management.

Less time on IT Infrastructure

Both cost savings and time savings come hand-in-hand with the utilisation of Service Delivery Hub. From the reduction of time spent setting up the infrastructure, to the consolidation of tools meaning a more efficient tech stack, your marketers, developers and IT team have everything they need in their CMS, and a simple way to re-configure it to best suit them, as business needs change.

Entire estate free from risks

Security is at the very core of both Forrit One CMS and Forrit’s Service Delivery Hub. From leveraging decoupled environments and enterprise-grade security, regular penetration testing and customisable access controls from day one, we guarantee a high level of security. By having everything you need to configure a CMS that works just as you need and the ability to build optimised new websites or digital experiences without having to go to another CMS to do so, means one (or multiple) less access points from which security could be compromised.

Cost savings and cross-team efficiency.

Build an environment from scratch in minutes, not hours. Ease the load of your IT team by configuring more efficient Microsoft Azure services, through a step-by-step process, within Service Delivery Hub. From rapid CMS instance deployment and efficiency cost savings, to insightful cost per site monitoring capabilities and increased cross-department efficiency, Service Delivery Hub is here to make your CMS work on your terms, to your benefit.

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Customisable access control

Integrated with your Azure Active Directory, utilise an enterprise grade permissions and user manager, to make sure that the right team members have the right permissions. Being able to easily manage and alter the permissions of team members, and create an audit trail of changes made, is crucial in keeping your web estate management tool secure. Forrit's Service Delivery Hub gives you the flexibility to configure the right level of user access to the CMS. Whether for simple content creation, or an entire rebrand, risks such as editors and marketing being unable to achieve their job are reduced.

Keeping your web estate secure


Scalability is at the heart of Service Delivery Hub. Whether you need to grow your CMS environments or leverage additional Microsoft Azure data centres around the world, you can easily scale as and when you need to. Microsoft Azure allows for auto-scaling when the specific Azure service is pushed to its limits, helping to guarantee maximum uptime and optimal site performance. A win for your IT team and your customers.

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A truly future-proofed investment.

Flexibility is key with any web estate management tool, and Forrit’s future-proof, scalable SDH is the very epitome of it. Giving you the ability to add in additional features and APIs and to adapt and upgrade your web estate management solution as technology advances, thanks to its leveraging Microsoft Azure capabilities.

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Templated Environment

No need for your team to be Azure fluent to configure environments, Service Delivery Hub allows you to easily build and maintain templated environments across your entire digital estate. Through making sure the right services are configured within your CMS, ahead of deployment, and through their seamless integration, and by utilising the best practice templates Forrit makes available to you, you can deploy faster without the need for Microsoft Azure specialists.

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CMS Monitoring & Analytics

With SDH, you can keep track of the costs of individual services used, the health of the Azure services you’re leveraging and the access allowances of the CMS users. Get technical insights about the CMS and the environments you’ve provisioned, including analytics on website uptime, cost per site… even down to which projects perhaps have underperforming UX or slower than average page load speed. Staying on top of your environments’ performance has never been easier, and this in turn means your IT team can act quicker to deploy necessary changes.

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