How It Works

Forrit One was built to allow IT and marketing to work in perfect harmony. By taking the strain off your IT team, with its highly-customisable configuration and allowing your marketing team to create the UX they’ve been dreaming of, through templated, collaborative environments, Forrit One reduces teams’ wait times and workloads.

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With our ‘decoupled’ (meaning your CMS content is separated from your website content by a one-way air lock) solution, your data can’t be compromised. Your data remains securely within your own Microsoft environment. Working within such decoupled environments, means your website data always stays separate from the CMS. On top of this, regular penetration testing is completed to stay on top of cyber risks… and, because Forrit One keeps your web estate in the cloud, independent of your on-premises infrastructure, your data is safe from physical breaches too.


A key aspect of the Forrit CMS is flexibility, allowing you to access your web estate from anywhere, anytime. This content management system is equally versatile throughout set-up and usage, allowing for highly-customisable provisioning of your CMS, which Azure services to leverage and allowing you to scale resources as and when needed.

Leverage Microsoft Cloud Services

Opting for an Azure-native CMS like Forrit One, means you get to reap the benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services like Azure Active Directory - access management software to keep your CMS secure. There’s also industry-leading AI technologies to make use of. Make your marketers’ lives easier, with an ever-expanding number of AI tools to leverage, like cloud-based AI translation services, for easy built-in localisation options and AI content tools including AI auto-tagging, for efficient asset management.

Scale at speed... securely.

This low code platform, with an intuitive-UI, requiring no prior Azure knowledge, is a dream for marketers and IT team members alike. Allowing your marketers to keep content branding-consistent, up-to-date and localised with little help required from IT, what more could you want? Perhaps, enterprise-grade security? It’s got that too… with Forrit One, you can scale at speed, securely.

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Adhere to brand guidelines

Keeping your content updated when necessary is crucial, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of disrupting your branding. Forrit One has a simple solution to this, with company branded pre-built components, your marketers and content editors can keep your website up-to-date, and publish new projects, in-line with your style guidelines.

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Stay on top of compliance responsibilities

Having worked with many customers in highly regulated sectors, Forrit knows that regulatory compliance is key. Whether this compliance is related to data security, presenting accurate information to customers, or having secure web estate access protocols, Forrit One has you covered. This content management system also allows you to trace web estate edits and restrict access if necessary. Plus, built-in AI-powered translation technology allows your team to update information for customers globally, giving them the accurate information they need, when they need it.

Improve your speed to market.

From developing to delivering new content, projects and websites, Forrit One CMS is exactly what you need it to be. A CMS built to help your marketers and IT work together more efficiently, through its user-friendly UI, custom workflows and low code solution, your time-to-market is faster and your projects simplified.

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Ease friction between marketing and IT

Forrit’s CMS was created with the goal of helping marketing and IT to work together without friction. It’s easily customisable on set-up, through Forrit’s Service Delivery Hub configuration tool, the platform can be set up with everything your marketers need, to be able to release great content, without IT intervention. With this low code, intuitive-UI content management system, your web estate can be easily managed by any team - giving you quicker content go-live times (a win for marketing) and a reduced workload for your developers.

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AI-powered tagging and translation

With AI-powered asset tagging, searching within and managing your digital assets couldn’t be simpler. This Forrit One feature allows you to automatically tag media with relevant metadata and create multiple responsive versions of your assets to fit any format. Another great feature of this content management system is AI translation - helping your content team localise necessary pages and projects at speed.

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