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Forrit One CMS provides you with the tools you need to future-proof your digital estate and create exceptional customer experiences.

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Key features

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Forrit's composable content platform gives you the flexibility to design your own content models, delivery methods and workflows.

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Create next-level digital experiences using any coding language or front-end framework with our flexible API-first platform.


This highly-composable CMS gives you the flexibility to design your own content models, delivery methods and workflows, and allows all team members, regardless of technical knowledge, to create and publish channel-agnostic content. Forrit One allows you to create the digital experience you’re after for your customers, locally and globally.

Content Editing

Boasting a whole host of content editing features to make your marketers’ lives easier and help your content shine - Forrit One was built to remove the reliance on developers. With this low code, intuitive-UI solution, Forrit One, all team members are able to use the CMS and make changes as and when needed. Your marketing team can build pages with the brand-compliant custom templates set up within the environment and preview content updates before go-live, to reduce errors.

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Secure Workflows

With customisable workflows, a clear audit trail, and tailored approval policies, every alteration to your web estate is logged. If necessary, you can follow the content changes through their flow and track go-live, deployment times and team efficiency. Regulatory compliance comes hand-in-hand with workflows. With customisable approval processes and access controls integrated with your Azure Active Directory, you can use Forrit’s Service Delivery Hub to manage who has access and create an audit trail of changes made to your estate.

Asset Management & AI Tagging

With AI asset tagging, searching within and managing your digital assets has never been simpler. This fantastic Forrit One feature means you can automatically tag media with relevant metadata and create multiple responsive versions of your assets to fit any format. Efficient asset management saves your content team time and makes for the faster deployment of better quality content.

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A customisable, cost-effective content management system.

From allowing you to leverage every Azure function and AI service, including automated translation and migration, to offering you flexibility and easy scalability, Forrit One is whatever you need it to be.

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Localise quicker

Your CMS has to work with you, not against you. Forrit One does just this, by leveraging Microsoft Azure’s cloud-based AI Translator, which offers multi-language solutions and helps speed up your localisation process, from weeks to days. This AI-driven tool, built-in to the Forrit One CMS, makes for a great basis for in-house translators to build upon.

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Stay secure

An Azure-native CMS with enterprise-grade security. Forrit One is frequently penetration tested and allows you to work within decoupled environments, meaning your data stays separate from the CMS and within your own Microsoft environment. Security is at the very foundation of the Forrit One CMS, having been developed in tandem with the many customers Forrit has had over the years, working within highly-regulated industries.

Keeping your web estate secure


Cloud-native PaaS, Forrit One, allows multiple users to manage your web environment simultaneously from anywhere, anytime. So, if you want to scale your business with a highly secure web platform, using innovative AI-powered Azure services to create compelling global customer experiences, and easily migrate your legacy websites, you can. If you’re after a highly secure web estate management system, that’s scalable, offering quick application deployment, look no further.

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A low code, intuitive-UI CMS, built to simplify collaboration.

With Forrit One, multiple editors can work on the same task, at the same time, saving the mass of content update documents and back-and-forth your marketers likely currently work with. Keep your website up-to-date, or scale at speed consistent with branding guidelines, with easily customisable content blocks, within tech-free templated landing pages.

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