Graphic showing some of the Forrit benefits for techies including cloud architecture, rapid migrations, high availability and built-in devops.

Forrit for

Scalable and resilient by design, Forrit is a powerful platform that supports Developers and IT operations.

Technology Benefits

A powerful platform

The Forrit Service Delivery Hub enables scripted configuration of the Azure tools, services and infrastructure required to run your global digital estate, enabling the provision of optimal environments.

Always on

The use of Azure datacenters around the world, load balanced by Traffic Manager maximizes performance and availability.

Efficient software development

Forrit’s Component Editor enables the build of reusable, brand-compliant components for use by the Marketing Department. This minimizes repetitive development tasks, allowing Developers to focus on more interesting, higher value work.

Quality assured at the core

Forrit’s auto-configuration tools ensure all web environments are identical through the Test, Staging and Live runtime environments. Sites move across these stages as live webpages, showing the actual user experience - guaranteeing perfect deployments.

Rigorous deployment

Forrit allows the generation of custom workflows and approvals authenticated by Azure Active Directory. These processes can be configured to your business and governance standards, guaranteeing correct, approved content is delivered safely to the correct place every time.

Quickly migrate websites to the cloud

Forrit’s rapid cloud environment provisioning coupled with automated migration tools, enables the migration of your web estate into a cloud environment at unprecedented speed and with minimal disruption.


One platform, two key environments

Graphic showing some of the features of the Service Delivery Hub including Asset Library, Marketing Portal and run-time environment.

Service Delivery Hub

The Service Delivery Hub automates the configuration and management of all required Azure services while monitoring the web estate’s performance and Azure consumption.

Graphic depicting the circular nature of the Forrit process.  Create content, deploy it, analyze it and optimize it.

Marketing Portal

The Marketing Portal enables the rapid creation and deployment of websites, the monitoring of their performance and subsequent optimization to maximize outcomes.


A screenshot of the Forrit Component Editor in action.

Built with Developers in mind

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