Graphic depicting the circular nature of the Forrit process.  Create content, deploy it, analyze it and optimize it.


Next generation web content management. A fully integrated solution, the Forrit Marketing Portal provides the tools you need to build and manage your global digital estate.

Asset Library and Cropper Tool

Search, upload, store and manage all categories of assets for use across your digital estate. For images, the Cropper Tool can be used to quickly create multiple responsive versions, removing the need to use a separate tool.

The Forrit asset library showing various assets in the system.


The Forrit Page Builder showing an arrangements of components on a page.

Page Builder

Forrit enables non-technical users to create complex websites. Simply drag and drop pre-built components and associate content from the Media Library to build brand-compliant multi-dimension websites at unparalleled speed.


Page Editor

The no-code Page Editor enables non-technical staff to quickly add and remove content without Developer involvement, enhancing control and responsiveness over content presentation.

The Forrit Page Editor showing a visual representation of a component as you'd see it on your live website.


Rigorous deployment

All stages of the build and edit process are governed and supported by the following features that ensure compliant, secure, high-quality deployments of all webpages.


With full Active Directory integration driving workflow and approval processes, Forrit offers a controlled and flexible way of working. Configurable role-based access control restricts access to features, according to your compliance needs.


Browse all content changes in the currently published version of the site and approve for publishing in a single update. All changes can be viewed, segmented by users and all changeset data is stored, giving a clear audit trail.


Combined with Azure’s market-leading security and compliance, Forrit’s method of decoupling the editing and run-time environment after each deployment increases the security of your webpages.


Forrit’s auto-configuration tools ensure all web environments are identical through Test, Staging and Live runtime environments. With visibility of the actual user experience, perfect deployments are guaranteed.



Forrit can integrate with a range of analytics and optimization software through open APIs to provide insights that can be used to optimize content presentation. View data from sources including; Google Analytics, Adwords, sentiment analysis, Bing Ads Intelligence, multivariate testing and clickstream analysis.


Present highly targeted content


Present highly targeted content to your audience. Create pages that have different content depending on defined variables, for example time of day or geographic location.


Translate text content on your websites using the built-in Microsoft Translator API. Alternatively, benefit from Forrit’s existing integration with Wordbee or choose to integrate another third-party system.

A/B and multivariate testing

Forrit's separation of content from the underlying codebase enables rapid localization and personalization. A/B and multivariate testing can be used to present highly targeted content to pre-defined audiences.

Page templates

Within the Forrit Marketing Portal there is a user-friendly interface to create page templates. Templates within Forrit are a collection of predefined components that define a page layout. Templates enable the rapid creation of pages in a reliable and consistent fashion.


Component Editor

Software Developers use Forrit’s Component Editor to rapidly build re-usable components in-line with your corporate brand guidelines. Mark-ups and layers are built in at the core to ensure your website meets accessibility standards.

The Forrit Component Editor showing the code view of building a component.